DIY / Jil Sander Pyramid Bag

I’m going for it! I found a perfect Tiffany green suede skirt at the thrift store last week, chopped it up, double-nothing’d it into something highly resembling the above, and nearly broke mom’s 1936 Singer trying to sew it. Doh!

Bless her gentle and patient nature, she suggested I take it to a shoe/leather repair store on Lake, which I will do this week.

$500 bones for this Jil Sander bag, riiiiight. (ok ok nothing I make will ever be as spectacularly beautiful or well made as this, but seriously, $500. )

ps if you don’t think these are awesome, check it in the mitts of the awesome, my favorite, baddest b*tch in the game, Jayne of Stop it Right Now.

Pictures soon, I hope!

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Good God, Man!

The only thing cooler than these Mason Margiela sneaks is the greatest machine ever made by man, the Saturn V rocket:


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Have You Read / Thank You For Arguing

This book convinced me that if I were to go back to school for anything (which I’m not) it would be to study rhetoric.  “WhAT!?” You say? “That nasty political implement of deception?”   Well,  I say,  it’s a new world.

Study up, my friends. After reading this, you’ll start winning arguments with your MOM.  I shit you not.

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WHOA, girl. I mean, damn.

How totally amazing is this dress by the DIY maven of A Pair & a Spare?




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Resource / Polyhedra Models

Thanks for Mr. Gijs Korthals Altes for his awesome polyhedra model database. All files are available in PDF and image form, and totally free.

I’m thinking silver pointy-star earrings, a whole-wall decoration in my house, an Artectnica-inspired mobile for my wee little cousin. Go put on your crafty knickers and get work done.

And show me what you make. : )

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Happy Happy

I give you: Omar’s big weepy brown eyes in Doctor Zhivago.


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Alien Abduction Lamp

How hilarious is this lamp? I’m not sure where I’d put it, but it needs to be mine.

Buy it here.

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Have You Heard / Juana Molina

Do you want to relax after a long day at work? Be auditorily comforted, soothed, massaged into a stress-less, care-free state? Do you want to close your eyes and see sweet little cherubim circling your head, sprinkling you with love and kindness? Me too. Which is why I listen to Juana Molina. Her music is pure, marvelous, blissed-out South American magic. I suggest starting with albums Segundo or Son.


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Have You Read / The City & the City

I haven’t been such a good reader recently. I’ve been spending valuable reading-time watching tv instead (Voyager, Archer, anyone?).

For christmas, however, my wonderful uncle John (middle name Beowulf) gifted The City and the City to my significant. Like many other great books, this one took a longer time to get all singularly wrapped-up in, but it’s worth every bit of your time.

This noir spans two cities that share the same physical space, joined by artifices, roads and parks, but separated culturally and politically. The two cities are crosshatched and divided like a chessboard, and the borders are invisibly and ruthlessly controlled by Breach, an international agency tasked with keeping the two cities separate. Those walking in the city of Beszel may pass someone in Ul Qoma, but speak to them, look at them, or make any sort of cross-border contact and you’ll be taken by Breach and never seen again.

The murder of Mahalia Geary at first seems like a simple case for Besz inspector  Tyador Borlu, we soon learn however, that finding her killer will require international cooperation, something the two cities have little experience with. Geary’s murder seems to have been caused by her persistent and troublesome interest in the fabled city of Orciny, an elusive third city, tucked between the other two. With so many people scared of the past, the government and above all, Breach, Borlu finds himself  twisting through this amazingly landscape with false clues, government corruption, violent underground movements, archaeological treasures, and corporate intrigue.

Sounds good, right? Go get a copy from your local bookseller!

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Goodies / Goodwill

Here are two of my favorite finds from this past month:

Jill Jr. long wool coat ($20)

Nordstrom brand gold snakeskin and leather flats ($7)


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