Get to Know / The Republic of Tajikistan

Snuggled oh-so-roughly between Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, China and Afghanistan, this stunningly beautiful country enjoys a stunningly dysfunctional justice system, an economy devastated by civil war, seasonal power outages, an average life expectancy of 65, the tallest mountain in the former USSR which used to be called Communism Peak, and  status as the major trafficking route for opium products from Afghanistan. (Also they produce very fine apples and melons.)

So why learn about Tajikistan?  Duh. Cause you spend time on the internet to get smart. Well anyway my friend Kramer is going (back) there in less than a month and he says it’s a place to pay attention to. So when Tajikistan is in the news you can sound smart by knowing a little bit about it.

I think of it as a sort of beta-Afghanistan. Shit is going to go down there, it’s only a matter of time.

Also when you type  Tajikistan into google the second line in the drop-down menu is “Tajikistan Unibrow,” which alone should be enough to peak your interest.

(Info from CIA World Factbook, top image from, bottom two images from:


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