DIY / Jil Sander Pyramid Bag

I’m going for it! I found a perfect Tiffany green suede skirt at the thrift store last week, chopped it up, double-nothing’d it into something highly resembling the above, and nearly broke mom’s 1936 Singer trying to sew it. Doh!

Bless her gentle and patient nature, she suggested I take it to a shoe/leather repair store on Lake, which I will do this week.

$500 bones for this Jil Sander bag, riiiiight. (ok ok nothing I make will ever be as spectacularly beautiful or well made as this, but seriously, $500. )

ps if you don’t think these are awesome, check it in the mitts of the awesome, my favorite, baddest b*tch in the game, Jayne of Stop it Right Now.

Pictures soon, I hope!

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