Ooooooo Lucite Pumps

In Taipei I wandered into a little boutique that specialized in goods from South Korea. They had one pair of these amazing pink patent shoes with a baby doll toe and a 3.5 inch lucite wedge. They were a full size too small for me, but I almost wish I’d bought them anyway.

It’s sort of made the hunt for me though…when they wander back into my mind I can spend a few minutes searching for their nearest cousin online. Today I found these beauts from Chloe’s Spring 2011 Ready-to-wear.




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Happy Happy

Hmmm the warm glowing warming glow…

via ffffound

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Oooooooo Nice Pants!

This spurred a mad search for fringe fabric online. The closest I got? Pre-made long fringe skirts for belly dancing.

SOLD!! But how to turn them into these??

Better brush up on my macrame skillz also.

Update soon!


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Valentine’s Day Cards

I’m not much for Valentine’s Day. At least not for the chocolates and roses and teddy bear tradition.

These cards, however, make me want to celebrate. They’re adorable!

By The Hungry Workshop

By Mr. Boddington via Eat Drink Chic

These Knight and Dragon cards for youngsters by Stephanie Fizer


Will you do anything special for Valentine’s Day?

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Happy Happy Weekend

What a fierce character he must have! Let’s be inspired 😀

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Oooooooo High-Falutin’ Swimwear 2011

I know, it’s still freezing in most of the country. Which makes it the perfect time to be dreaming of a vacation you won’t take to Kauai! And when you get to that magnificent beach in your head, you’ll be needing something to cover your naughty bits (or will you!!??).

My favorite options so far this year:

Lanvin Spring 2011

Emilio Pucci Spring 2011

Michael Kors Spring 2011

Mara Hoffman Spring 2011


Happy travels, my friends!

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Packaging / Beauty

I’ve been thinking of making some mock-assignments for myself and this would be a great one.

This project was executed by the students at Academy of Art University in San Fransisco. The Dieline featured two student’s work, and I just couldn’t resist re-blogging.

The challenge: Design a line of skincare for an existing brand that is currently not in the beauty/personal care category.

This for Puma, by student Kristin Agnarsdottir.

And this, for Vespa, by student Jenny Pan.

Who else would make a good client for a project like this?? I’m excited to start!

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Oooooooo Quilled Anatomical Art

How beautiful are these pieces??

The textures are just so perfect!

Check out more images of Sarah Yakawonis’s art here.

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Our Cat Looks Like Matt Damon

There is nothing else to say.

Maybe it doesn’t come through in the photos. Never the less, our household decided that yes, indeed, Lil Bean and Matt do look astonishingly alike. They have one common expression that can be worked in three different situations:

1. I’m about to terminate you and you have no idea it’s coming.

2. I know what you’re saying, but I have no response to something so asinine.

or 3. My IQ is 34.

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Ooooooo Grey Antic’s Jumper

Well I’ve got jumper fever. I’ve always thought I don’t have the type of body shape to pull off one of these, but after all the beautiful ones I’ve seen lately, I’m eager to give up any reservations. Too bad it’s a little pricey for a 75%-out-of-work dreamer.

Anyway, IT IS my perfect jumper.

And THEN!!

Oh boy. As Stephen Colbert recently asked Amy Chua, “Can I get you a tricycle so you can backpedal faster?”

If this lovely young lady’s flawless proportions can’t make it look good…

Funny how quickly these needy emotions come and go!

Images from here and here.

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